Registration Form

Please use decimal for inches for e.g. write 5.4 FOR 5 FT and 4 INCH
IN KG FOR e.g. 85.2 FOR 85 KG AND 200 GRAMS.

Payment Terms & Refunds

No Cash Refunds: The company does not offer cash refunds for any services or products provided.

Transfer of Package: If the customer decides not to continue with the company, they may transfer the package to another individual within a 30-day period from the date of purchase.

No Skipping Meals: The customer is obligated to follow the meal plan as provided. Skipping meals, including forwarding to the next day or next week, is not allowed. Any deviation from the meal plan must be approved in advance by the company.

Price Hike: The company reserves the right to increase the prices of the goods or services provided at any time, due to changes in market conditions, costs of production, and other factors.

Request for More Charges: If the prices of the goods or services provided increase, the company may ask for additional charges to be added to the customer’s current package, with immediate effect. The customer remains obligated to pay these increased charges.

Menu Modification: Please note that the weekly menu is subject to change or modification without prior notice, based on factors such as ingredient availability and kitchen capacity. We strive to offer a variety of delicious options to our customers and appreciate your understanding and flexibility in this matter

Payment Details

Payments are to be made in advance. Please transfer the payment and share your receipt by clicking on the WhatsApp icon below or WhatsApp us at 03209155365

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